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Meiki 6.5mm fisheye lens


What a wonderful little lens. Not brilliant quality - but it was only £130.

BSCF0308 (Large).JPG
  • 21.0 mm
  • 1/1500 sec
  • Center-Weighted Average
  • Auto exposure
  • ISO 250
Hi Alan,

I heard of that lens before, but never tried it. I use atm only a Fuji X-Pro2 and fisheye is not the best combination with that optical viewfinder (I almost never use the EVF on it) :)
I have been wanting a fisheye for a while, but I don't want a circular, just a normal fisheye with the warped edges. Is this Meike a circular?
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Well, the raw won't be a circle, I think. Some Fisheye lenses just have bent edges, but the aspect ratio would still be normal, like it would still be 3:2 and fill the screen of your editor, it would just have bent up edges. The photo above is a circle with black edges like looking through a hole.
Or am I crazy and all fisheye lenses are circular and some people just crop in to the circle? But I have heard people say circular fisheye and non circular fisheye, what the heck, are all fisheye lenses circular? I've never owned one.
Hmm, if all fisheyes were circular then there would be no need for the word circular to be used cause all fisheyes would be circular, so we would know that all fisheyes are the same.
The picture above is what I get out of the camera. I set the camera to 1:1 so as to not have too much 'black' at the sides.

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Yes, so your lens is definitely a circular fisheye. I prefer one that just does bent edges, no black circle around the photo. I'm looking to go cheap too because I have heard that shooting fisheye can get boring fast and you have a tendency to use them very little.

Ill eventually find one and experiment.