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As suggested I'm introducing myself. I'm about to take receipt of my first Fujifilm camera - a used XT-2 and I'm looking forward to getting to learn how to use it effectively and I'm sure I'll learn a lot from other members here.
I've got a lot of old Nikkor lenses from my FM2 (I love my FM2) so I've a convertor attached, but my first X mount lens will be the 23mm F2 WR. How's the forum working out?
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We are still at the beginning. Most members are a little bit shy to post at the beginning. ;l

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That is a good choice for the sensor of the XT2. Keeps the package small.

In case you want to upgrade soon to a 40MP sensor, you should consider the new 23/1.4 WR, which is optically a signifivant step forward, but at the same time a lot bigger and more expensive.
I used to travel with just the 35mm/F2 Nikkor lens and loved the constraint. I'll start off with that and get used to the camera. Also editing, etc. is considerably different from when I used to use the FM2! We have computers now. I'm learning how to use Affinity Photo. There's a lot to learn, but that's the fun of course.
Ah, yes, that happens. I look forward to being part of its growth. Good luck!
Shoot with the settings RAW & Jpeg at the same time. Enjoy first the Fuji Jpegs. They are great and it will be difficult to beat them in postprocessing.

Only if you find after a couple of months that you want to dig deeper, then dig out the old RAWs.
I use Fuji too. I'm currently using a Fuji XT5 that replaced my XT2. I also use Affinity Photo and On1. I find Affinity to be a top notch processing program at a very affordable price, Yes, lots to learn, enjoy the process.