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Alan Sh - DPR refugee


Just found this forum so I thought I'd join. I am also the owner of another DPR clone type forum which I set up when I heard the bad news. I won;t mention it here unless the owner says I can.


PS - your timout between posts is too long!!!
Hi Alan,


Yes, the dpreview closing shocked us all. As you know I also setup a dpreview clone, in case people are interested in at

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so nobody gets lost in the horror-scenario. I am doing community forum management since 2002 and know, that this is not as easy as many think it is, to survive longterm.

But people who search a brand specific forum, will prefer fujicommunity.com or other similar alternatives. There are so many alternatives out there, that every pot will find its lid.

I think the big advante of our Fuji community is, that it is relatively new and all dpreview users can still influence how it should look like. This is a really good way to build the community as times goes on.

Also we use IMHO the best forum software out there. and I tried them all over the last 20 years. That makes a huge difference as a user, most people are not aware of at the beginning.

So enjoy it here and