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Getting used to my GFX 50S


I've been using Fuji glass for about 20 years courtesy of the GX680III, G617 Panorama. my old G690 BL and Hasselblad H-series, so when Fuji announced a medium format digital camera, it was a dream to get my hands on one - but so expensive for an amateur like me. Thanks to a successful insurance claim, I was recently able to live that dream and I'm now the proud owner of the 50S, the 50mm and 45-100mm lenses, plus a few accessories.

Fuji GFX 50S  50mm f3.5.jpg
  • OLYMPUS M.30mm F3.5 Macro
  • 30.0 mm
  • ƒ/3.5
  • 1/50 sec
  • Center-Weighted Average
  • Auto exposure
  • ISO 6400

It is a joy to use with its great ergonomics; both lenses are simply superb. I'm slowly getting used to the menus and expanding the opportunities for use of the camera; sadly, the CoVid-19 lockdowns arrived at just the wrong time as there's hardly been any time to travel about to take some nice outdoor piccies.

I was able to get outside on one day and snapped the architectural shot below on a very dull day in Wales. It amazed with the depth of field at f4 using the 45-100 lens. Unfortunately, the mall's security personnel weren't happy with me taking a photo so I never got the chance to set up and take a longer exposure at f11 or f16. Weird - people were taking photos on their phones and were being ignored; one person turns up with an SLR and all hell breaks loose... It was not as if I had even taken a tripod with me (though I did have a monopod in a shopping bag) in which case they could have objected on the grounds of causing an obstruction.

Newport mall roof.JPG

Anyway, the photo shows the ability of the glass and sensor to extract a fair amount of detail on a very dull, low-contrast day.